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How do I calculate the moment of force due to a load distribution or at least get a point of application?

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I have the following data where the X represents the physical coordenate and Y is the force value at that point.
I would like to calculate the moment of force at x=0.06 but I don´t see how to do it with Matlab.
The perfect solution for me would be divide the figure in 2 intervals [0 0.06] and [0.06 0.12] and calculate total force and the application point. The force is calculated using trapz function but i don't see how I can get the point of application.

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Johan il 2 Mar 2022
Modificato: Johan il 2 Mar 2022
Assuming you have an XY array of data, dividing it in two part can be done by filtering the data against a chosen criteria:
XYdata = [linspace(1,10,8)',rand(8,1)]; % increasing X and random Y data
x_threshold = 5;
%filter the rows in column 1 that are more than x_threshold
XYdata(XYdata(:,1)>x_threshold,:) ;
%filter the rows in column 1 that are less than x_threshold
XYdata(XYdata(:,1)<x_threshold,:) ;
Then you can do your calculation on those filtered array.
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Andriy Voshchenko
Andriy Voshchenko il 2 Mar 2022
Modificato: Andriy Voshchenko il 2 Mar 2022
I have both arrays of data. Dividing the data isn´t a problem, i don´t know how to calculate the application point of the distribution of the forces in this case.

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