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using latex interpreter for multiple legends

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Dharma Khatiwada
Dharma Khatiwada il 6 Mar 2022
Modificato: Awais Saeed il 7 Mar 2022
I am trying to write legend in latex but I am missing something here. It says "String scalar or character vector must have valid interpreter syntax". Do I need to keep set (legend,'Interpreter', 'latex') after each lgds?
lgd1=['r_{th} = ' num2str(z1)];
lgd2=[', t_{tol}=t_{2}± ' num2str(z4*100)];
lgd3=[', K= ' num2str(z2)];
lgd4=['+' num2str(z3)];
lgd5=[', K_{ave}= ' num2str(z5)];
legend([lgd1 lgd2 lgd3 lgd4 lgd5])

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Awais Saeed
Awais Saeed il 7 Mar 2022
Modificato: Awais Saeed il 7 Mar 2022
You do not need to specify interpreter as latex. Matlab uses some subset of Tex by default.
z = 5.213;
fplot(@(x) sin(x))
lgd1=['r_{th} = ' num2str(z*0.5)];
lgd2=[', t_{tol}= t_{2}± ' num2str(z*100)];
lgd3=[', \newline K= ' num2str(z*2)];
lgd4=['+' num2str(z*23)];
lgd5=[', K_{ave}= ' num2str(z*-1)];
legend([lgd1 lgd2 lgd3 lgd4 lgd5])

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