Im trying to delay a signal in time?

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Hey guys, this is probably very easy but i can't figure it out.
Im trying to delay a QPSK signal in time , a few seconds.
Reference_Signal is a 1x769600 double signal.
Im trying to delay this reference signal by doing this:
Surveillance_Signal= delayseq(Reference_Signal,3,fs); But this new signal is 0 in all columns.
Thank you

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Kiran Felix Robert
Kiran Felix Robert il 15 Mar 2022
Hi Miguel,
I am not sure about your 'fs' value, but according to the delayseq documentation, when you specify an 'fs' argument the delay units are in seconds.
Try checking the Survielence_Signal after 3 (your delay) seconds of abolute time.
Total time of the signal present = (length of signal) * (1/fs),
If the total time of signal is less than 3, then output will be zeros in all columns.

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