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Unable to re-install R2021b after updating it (Java exception).

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Background info: I have a business laptop. When I started R2021a, I got a renewal license message, and I followed instructions and R2021a is still working.
In R2021b, I saw an update notice and applied it. On restart, I got a Java exception about a missing com.....desktop... file. Per online help guidance, I unistalled R2021b and tried to install it. (R2020a and R2021a still starts Ok. Needless to say, I am ignoring the update notices.)
When I try to install R2021b, I get to the "Enter Activation Key for your license". I do not know what the key is, but since the other two releases are working (with the same Matlab license), I am wondering whether the information to enter is in one of those two folders.
I am not a License Administrator, but I do have administration privileges to install products.

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Paul Hoffrichter
Paul Hoffrichter il 24 Mar 2022
Since I got my business laptop over a year ago, I never needed an activation key. It turns out that I was listed as having the right to activate my license. I spoke to my supervisor who said she did not understand why I was no longer authorized, and she set the authorization to activate back on.
Now, when I install R2022a, the screen saying "Enter Activation Key for your license" no longer comes up. Problem solved. No activation key needed.
Now I'll be able to update my previous releases without worry that they will not work.

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Jan il 21 Mar 2022
Ignoring the update messages is a really bad idea. If you are afraid of bugs during the updates, create a backup of your computer before.
Ask your license admin for the activation key.
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Paul Hoffrichter
Paul Hoffrichter il 21 Mar 2022
Good thing I did not update R2021a and R2020a, or I would have had no Matlab at all. I had no problem in the past installing different releases of Matlab. MathWorks installation team told me that the problem is that when I did an update for R2021b, then I needed an activation key. For some reason, my activation privileges was taken away in Nov-2021.
From online search, one suggestion was to use matlab -nojvm. Before I uninstalled R2021b, I tried it, but R2021a came up instead. I did not know how to use nojvm to bring up R2021b.
MathWorks said that I should not need an activation key. I just need to get my activation privilege back.

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