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My yellow led control doesn't work on my gui

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I was ask to create a gui that include red , yellow and green led control. I would need to verify id first to enable the led button control. The red led works well with me but the yellow led doesn't work at all. Are my code wrong or i missing something in my code? The full gui should be work like the video in this link.GUI led

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Mohammed Hamaidi
Mohammed Hamaidi il 21 Mar 2022
Just change this two lines
%set callback for h10 (yellow on)
set (h11, 'Callback', 'yellow_led_control(h11, h12, h10, id_flag, 1)');
%set callback for h11 (yellow off)
set (h12, 'Callback', 'yellow_led_control(h11, h12, h10, id_flag, 0)');

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