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integrate C code in block simulink for C2000

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Detomaso il 22 Dic 2014
Risposto: Patxi il 4 Mag 2016
Hi to all,
I wrote some functions in C language to read the registers of C2000 and to monitor their status.
I would like to integrate this C code in a block simulink.
How do I integrate this C code in simulink?
There are examples of this integration ?
I am using MCU F28035 Piccolo and Matlab 2014a
Best Regars,
Dario Detomaso

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Titus Edelhofer
Titus Edelhofer il 23 Dic 2014
Hi Dario,
take a look at the following point in the doc:
You will need to write an S-function for this. There are a larger number of examples, often the S-Function Builder is a good starting point since it guides you through the different things you need to specify (number of in- and outputs, sample time etc.).

Detomaso il 26 Dic 2014
Modificato: Detomaso il 26 Dic 2014
Hi titus ,
i want to read / write some registers of C2000 in simulink. For example in a simulink block , I would like to do this :
GpioDataRegs.GPASET.all =0xAAAAAAAA;
GpioDataRegs.GPACLEAR.all =0x55555555;
GpioDataRegs.GPBSET.all =0x0000000A;
GpioDataRegs.GPBCLEAR.all =0x00000005;
how could I do?
Best Regards,
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Titus Edelhofer
Titus Edelhofer il 5 Gen 2015
Hi Dario,
this will be difficult with S-Function builder. In this case you will need to write a .tlc file. Note: this is documented how to do but not really simple, admittedly ... MathWorks Consulting does help with those kind of problems/requests.

Accedi per commentare.

Patxi il 4 Mag 2016
Hello Dario, I'm also interested in programming this controller in Simulink. Did you finally get to solve it with S-Function Builder modules? Thanks Patxi

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