Call a Simulink simulation from shell

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Hi Guys,
I have a Simulink simulation with me. It simply reads two time series objects from 2 files, multiplies it by a constant and returns 2 time series objects too.
I need to call the Simulink simulation from the shell, provide it with the path of the files from where it needs to read the input and provide the path of the folder to where it needs to write the output.
How do i go about this? I have never used MATLAB or Simulink before. I only need to integrate the already existing simulations with a scheduler that refreshes the input files periodically.

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A Jenkins
A Jenkins on 23 Dec 2014
Edited: A Jenkins on 23 Dec 2014
Step 1) Write your function in MATLAB that takes your file names and runs your simulation. It would look something like this:
function my_fcn(inputdata,outputdata)
Step 2) Call your function from the command line, with the appropriate arguments. This works for windows, but I believe something similar exists for Unix. Just type matlab -h to learn more.
matlab -nodesktop -nosplash -r my_fcn('inputfile.mat','outputfile.mat')

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