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How to initialize Kalman filter in GNN tracker

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I am using trackerGNN function for track association.
tracker = trackerGNN('FilterInitializationFcn', @initcvkf, ...
'ConfirmationThreshold', [4 5],... %'ConfirmationThreshold', 20,...%[4,5]
'DeletionThreshold', 10);
Kalman filter is initialised as the constant velocity Kalman filter. How can I initialise its measurement noise and process noise in the GNN tracker as in the case of the function configureKalmanFilter
kalmanFilter = configureKalmanFilter('ConstantVelocity', centroid, [5, 2], [100, 25], 3);

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Shivam Singh
Shivam Singh il 1 Apr 2022
Hello Nisha,
It is my understanding that you want to initialize measurement noise and process noise for constant velocity Kalman Filter in the GNN tracker.
This can be done by writing your own initialization function in “trackerGNN” function. You may refer the following link for reference: FilterInitializationFcn Name-Value pair of trackerGNN function
To guide you in writing the above function, you may take help provided in the below mentioned command:
type initcvkf

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