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Summation of a series without for loop

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Fourier series of a square wave can be represented as:
Where, sum is over k=0 to inf, T is period = 1. I need to plot F(t) for first 10 terms in the series. I can do this using loops, but is there any way to do this without any loop?

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Shoaibur Rahman
Shoaibur Rahman il 28 Dic 2014
Yes you can do this! Use vectorization technique. Try to understand the line F = ... in the following code. If you get any hard time with this, please let me know. This is a great question though.
T = 1; t = -3:0.01:3; % change time vector as what you need
n = 10; k = 0:n-1; % n is the number of terms
F = 4/pi * (1./(2*k+1)) * sin(((2*k+1)'*pi*t)/T);
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Michael Golden
Michael Golden il 15 Mar 2017
Awesome! Many thanks!!
Iyad Khuder
Iyad Khuder il 12 Nov 2020
That's amazing! Many thanks!

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