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Hanning window on Imported data

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David Harra
David Harra il 29 Mar 2022
Risposto: Chandra il 5 Apr 2022
Hi everyone
I am trying to add a hanning window to my time signal before I FFT it. I am not sure exactly what do. Looking at other examples I feel like I have information missing. I selected the time portion where my front wall signal is evident as you can see in the diagram below.
I have a Time & Data vector which are 1480 x 1 arrays (for the part of the selected signal) and the inspection frequency of my transducer is 10 MHz. If anyone can point me in the right direction, would be grateful.
FName = 'Tit_10MHz_110F.flxhst';
MyData = read_history(FName);
Time = MyData.TimeRecB.Time;
Data= MyData.DataRecB(1).Data;
Transducer_Frequency = 10e6 %10MHz
%Select the front wall signal
select= find(Time>=2.4e-6 & Time<=3.6e-6);
Time= Time(select);
Data= Data(select);
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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE il 30 Mar 2022
your signal start and stop with zero values
you don't even need to apply a window here - you can simply do the fft on the raw signal
a window would be needed if you had a persistent signal (non zero at both ends)

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Chandra il 5 Apr 2022
To pass a filter over signal we can use "filter" function with appropriate coefficients
>>w = hann(64); % we can use desired window size according to requirement
>>x = filter(w,1,Data); %w and 1 are coefficients, generally there are
% numerator and denominator of a transfer function
refer to the hanning window by using this link
refer to filter function using this link
This can be achieved by using filtfilt function also, refer the following link

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