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How to define RMSE in nntool?

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Amirali AGHAMIRI il 30 Mar 2022
Modificato: Vatsal il 29 Set 2023
Could you please tell me how I can define RMSE as performance function in nntool, I have already MSE, SMEREG and SSE.
Thank you in advance.

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Vatsal il 26 Set 2023
Modificato: Vatsal il 29 Set 2023
I understand that you wanted to use “RMSE” as the performance function in "nntool". In the "nntool", the Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) is not available as a built-in performance function.
You can create a custom performance function to achieve your task. The easiest way to create a custom performance function is to use the +MSE package as a template.
You can refer to the link below, which includes all the steps in detail, in order to create the custom performance function:
I hope this helps!


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