Bug in xml2struct?

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Jacopo il 27 Set 2011
I need to convert some huge matrices (dim=O(10^4)) from xml to mat. To do so, I pass xml --> struct and then struct-->mat. I used xml2struct but I got a bus error / segmentation fault because of lack of memory for the structure. Have you got any advice for me?
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 27 Set 2011
10^4 large in how many dimensions? e.g., is it 10^4 x 10^4 ?
Jan il 27 Set 2011
@Walter: A [1e4 x 1e4] DOUBLE array needs 800 MB, as you know. If the program creates several temporary values of this array, even modern computers might be exhausted.

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UJJWAL il 27 Set 2011
xml2mat ?? When I type xml2mat in MATLAB R2011b then I get nothing....

Jacopo il 27 Set 2011
Sorry, I have reformulated the question.


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