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Does MatLab 2020b support hardware implementation for Simscape models on Raspberry Pi 4B?

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I'm currently using MatLab 2020b. I have made a Simscape model that is simulating correctly, but when I try to build it on Raspberry Pi, it gives an error. When I build a simple Simulink model then that works perfectly, but I'm getting the error while using Simscape libraries. My question is, does Raspberry Pi support Simscape models?
I have attached screenshots showing the complete model, subsystem with Simscape library blocks, and the error.

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Sylvain il 15 Apr 2022
Simscape™ blocks add precompiled libraries to the generated code that do not work with the Raspberry Pi hardware board. To use Simscape in a model that deploys to the Raspberry Pi hardware model requires modifying the Simscape blocks to add source files instead of libraries."

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