how to deal with the compatibility of powergui in phasor mode and discrete mode?

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The following SimPowerSystem block is not allowed with the Phasor simulation method: Block : TSMC/Universal Bridge Type : Universal Bridge

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 5 May 2022
Hello Yang,
That block has a dc bus and the phasor mode is made explicitly for AC circuit analysis. It isn't easy to do dc systems in phasor mode but there are examples out there that can do it. You would have to use subystem variants to switch model types when you go from phasor to discrete in order to use the bridge.
Here is an example of phasor model with equivalent dc characteristics (no actualy dc circuit is modelled in specialized power systems for this):
A more complicated method would be to decouple the AC and DC networks and put them in seperate model references which allows for 2 seperate powergui blocks (at least if compiled), but I don't know of any good examples that would make this approachable.

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