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I am running a simulink model through matlab code using the sim() command. Normally when you run a simulink model you see a nice progress bar on the bottom right, showing you how far the compilation and then at which simulation time step it is. But this is not visible when I use the sim() command. Is there someway to get this information (mainly at which simulation time it is at the moment would be nice to know)?

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A Jenkins
A Jenkins on 5 Jan 2015
Perhaps try the Simulink Waitbar example on the File Exchange?
A Jenkins
A Jenkins on 7 Jan 2015
You can just print the number on the waitbar.
1) Go into the Embedded MATLAB function and change the waitbar call to include the message:
function y = fcn(u1, u2, h)
% This block supports an embeddable subset of the MATLAB language.
% See the help menu for details.
waitbar(u1/u2,h,sprintf('Time = %.f/%.f', u1, u2))
y = 1;
2) You will also need to pass the handle to the waitbar in. You can do this by choosing "Edit data" from the editor, (or opening the model explorer and navigating to the Embedded MATLAB Function), then selecting the handle "h", and changing the Scope to Parameter.

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Ramon on 18 Jan 2017
My simulink compiler says that code cannot be generated for matlab function waitbar.


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