Passing data from Flash to MATLAB through Javascript

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I have an Adobe Flash app (on my local machine) which is basically a simulation. I embedded the swf file in an html which receives the needed parameters using javascript callbacks (passed from flash with ExternalInterface). I can put the values in text boxes, etc. I need to get these values into MATLAB.
I understand javascript can talk to MATLAB using the built in web browser. The built-in browser will not run the Flash content, however. I need one of the following:
A. (best) A way for Flash to run in MATLAB's web browser. I am on a mac if that's relevant.
B. A way to do the "matlab:[command]" javascript calls from firefox, chrome, or any other.
C. A clever trick to send values from a browser to MATLAB.
Matthew Sheen
Matthew Sheen on 9 Jan 2015
The browser doesn't need to run commands in Matlab -- actually matlab just needs to read information from the browser. I'm nearly positive this could be done using UDP, but that seems way too complicated for a simple task.

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Ajay Pherwani
Ajay Pherwani on 6 Jan 2015
Edited: per isakson on 6 Jan 2015
Try something like this:
url = '';
html = urlread(url);
% Use regular expressions to remove undesired markup.
txt = regexprep(html,'<script.*?/script>','');
txt = regexprep(txt,'<style.*?/style>','');
txt = regexprep(txt,'<.*?>','')
you can search in txt further
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Matthew Sheen
Matthew Sheen on 9 Jan 2015
Thanks for the reply. Since the flash app must actually run in the page itself, simply reading the page source won't work.

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ryanmattscott on 7 Apr 2016
I have a similar problem, were you able to figure something out? I could do try to save a file using a php server and then use webread( ) on the url, but I would like to have some handshaking so that I don't webread as php is writing to the file.
- Ryan

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