how can I solve this non linear partial differential equation mentioned below I have some initial & boundary condition

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Torsten on 8 Apr 2022
Discretize the differential operators, include the boundary conditions and solve the resulting system of nonlinear equations for z'(i,j) (values of z' in (x'(i),y'(j))) using "fsolve".

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Rohan Singla
Rohan Singla on 12 Apr 2022
I need to obtain profile
k^i =constant value of =6.54×10-3 μm -1
this is the boundary condition
here x',y',z' are the coordinates in x,y,z plane
and (d = 10 μm, l = 30 μm, h = 25 μm)
and these are intial condition
thanks alot
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Torsten on 12 Apr 2022
Above, you define 4 circles. I can't decipher on which circle you want to solve the PDE and what boundary condition you want to impose for z' on the circumpherence.

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