in case of permanent magnet synchronous motor what is the need of Tm?

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i think the field is permanent magnet and for the armature ckt supply is done from the switches. so what is the need of Tm?

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A Jenkins
A Jenkins on 9 Jan 2015
Edited: A Jenkins on 9 Jan 2015
If you are intending to use it as a motor, then you would apply a voltage to it and want to see some mechanical torque (Tm) come out of it, right? And then you would supply that torque to some kind of mechanical load?
A Jenkins
A Jenkins on 12 Jan 2015
To calculate the motor's angular speed, the model must know the difference between the Electromagnetic Torque Te, and the Mechanical Torque Tm (in addition to friction and inertia values).
If you do not want to supply Tm, then you would need to supply the speed directly. There is an option for this under Block Parameters -> Mechanical Input.

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