R2022a problem: Line number missing in error message sent to Command Window.

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With R2022a, line numbers are sometimes omitted in error messages. Here's an example using a trivial script:
If I run the same script in R2021b, here's the result:
Weird. What's going on?
Is there a way to fix this in R2022a?
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Scott MacKenzie
Scott MacKenzie il 22 Apr 2022
Yes, I think the problem is limited to tables. But, it goes beyond just referencing an unrecognized table variable. In the example below, the table variable exists. The error (reported without a line number) is in how the contents are accessed:
David Szwer
David Szwer il 17 Mag 2022
I get this problem too; also regarding tables, but a different error.
>> ProcessAll
Error using ProcessMovement
All tables being vertically concatenated must have the same number of variables.
Error in ProcessAll (line 10)
[moving, moveN] = ProcessMovement(filedir, 0);
Note that ProcessAll and ProcessMovement are both functions. Back in the day, Matlab wouldn't show line numbers at all if the error was in a script; this isn't a reversion to that behaviour, it is something different.

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Siddharth Bhutiya
Siddharth Bhutiya il 18 Mag 2022
Modificato: Adam Danz il 16 Ott 2023
Update: this bug was fixed in R2022a update 3 and in R2022b.
This is a bug, thank you for reporting it! I have passed it along and it will be fixed in a future release.
As mentioned in the bug report, while this is being fixed, you could use MException.last.stack(1) to see the line number.
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EFB il 15 Ott 2023
Unfortunately I experience a similar problem also in R2023b. I often use pre-defined error messsages as a tool for debugging, and for these the line numbers are not shown.
if(ii == 4 && k == 200)
error('I want to make an error here')
produces the error message, but I dont get to see where in the code it is.
Jeremy P
Jeremy P il 15 Feb 2024
same here, I have this problem in R2023b everywhere I use the error function

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