Pass m-function as parameter in m-function

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So I want to pass an m-function(func2) as a parameter to another m-function (func1), so as that func1 can use func2 inside it. See for example:
  • func1.m
function [] = func1(value, another_function)
% ... code
result_from_another_function = another_function(value)
% ... code
  • func2.m
function [result] = func2(value)
% do something with value and return a result
Then in a script i would like to do something of the sort:
value = 2 % example value
func1(value, func2)
I want to do this so I can pass other functions into func1. How can i do this? Thank you in advance!

Accepted Answer

Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong on 22 Apr 2022
Here is how you pass a function handle (it can be mfile, pfile, mexfile, appfile, anything that can run under MATLAB)
func1(value, @func2)

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