Cannot open variables editor

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Hugo Huerta
Hugo Huerta on 23 Apr 2022
Edited: Hugo Huerta on 29 Apr 2022
For some reason the Variables editor is not opening after I double clicking a variable in the workspace. I have tried to solve it by restoring the workspace, trying to find something related to it in preferences, and looking for a similar problem posted in the community but still I can not solve it. Please, any suggestions? Thanks.

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Harshit Gupta
Harshit Gupta on 27 Apr 2022
It is my understanding that when you double click on a variable in Workspace to see the Variable Editor window, the window is not opening.
This issue is often a result of a corrupted MATLAB Preferences file. If this is the case, then regenerating your MATLAB preferences should resolve the issue.
The steps on how to generate your preferences can be found at the following link:
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Hugo Huerta
Hugo Huerta on 29 Apr 2022
Hi, thanks for your reply.
Sorry, before receiving your suggestion I reinstalled Matlab, so I was not able to test the solution from the link you sent. That was the only way to sove it by myself.

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