How to find common numbers in 4 matrices

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Cladio Andrea
Cladio Andrea il 17 Gen 2015
Risposto: Roger Stafford il 17 Gen 2015
Hello i have 4 arrays,2001x1 and actually there is nothing in common for the rows but if i use 'ismember' then for some rows i got result '1' even if not all the numbers are the same for the row.
b = ismember(ismember(ismember(distancee6,machines(:,1)),kkk3),kkk);
i use this, how can i fix it to have an exact result? Thank you

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Roger Stafford
Roger Stafford il 17 Gen 2015
Apparently from your statement, "find common numbers in 4 matrices", you should be using matlab's 'intersect' function, not 'ismember'.
b = intersect(intersect(intersect(distancee6,machines(:,1)),kkk3),kkk);
b = intersect(intersect(distancee6,machines(:,1)),intersect(kkk3,kkk));


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