How to load this file into my Matlab? Can any1 please help thanks

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Hello everyone :)
I want to load this file below into my Matlab, so i can use the grades in the file to calculate rounds?
At moment my Matlab function looks like this screen below but can't figure a way to load the file above so i can use the numbers and do some calculations.

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A Jenkins
A Jenkins on 19 Jan 2015
Type uiimport at the command line
Select your file
Setup the parameters the way you want to import your data correctly
Select the option to "Generate Function" after importing your data
Use this new Function in the future to import your data

Sun on 19 Jan 2015
Is it possible you can show me it with a screen with the code? Im new to Matlab so I'm not so good at understanding things quickly :D

Marcel on 19 Jan 2015
Edited: Marcel on 19 Jan 2015
Maybe this can help;
pathname = 'C:\Users\test';
file = 'test.csv';
format = '%s %s %f %f %f';
opened_dl = fopen(file);
a = textscan(opened_dl,format,'delimiter',',','HeaderLines',1,'CollectOutput',1);

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