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Hi everyone,
I'm trying to show the processed image after viscircles function. I would like to select the images by app designer and do background subtraction, then detect the circles by using viscircles function. The results after circle detection is required to show at the app designer.
However, what I got is the image after background subtraction. The viscircle does not appear. Is there any solution to fix this problem?
The following image is the result I obtained from script.
But what I require at left is like this:
Thank you very much for the help.

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski il 27 Apr 2022
Specify the app UIAxes as the first input
a = uiaxes; % replace with you app.UIAxes
[centers,radii] = imfindcircles(imread('coins.png'),[20 100]);
viscircles(a,centers, radii)
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Rakshit Kothari
Rakshit Kothari il 25 Lug 2023
Hi @Vincenzo Giacalone, how did you resolve this issue? I am facing a similar issue. I can confirm that `viscircle` opens a new figure despite being provided an axis to plot on. It doesn't help if I add a wait n seconds or explicitly setting hold -> on.
Vincenzo il 27 Lug 2023
A guy changed the original viscircle function and now it works well

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