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how to link electrical torque to a mechanical translation ,

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i am needing help , ive been stuck in the modelation of an electrical actuator for too long , its use for pushing the bascket of a mobile elevating working platform , and i didnt know how to link the electrical torque to a mechanical translational mouvement in order to place a Translational
Multibody Interface module , and also the asynchronous motor ( i dont want to use a dc motor )
please i need help
thank you much

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel il 5 Mag 2022
Hello Ayoub,
the main issue here is that the mechanical port from the multi-body is translational motion (forward and backward) as shown by the dark green color of the simscape blocks. The electrical motor mechanical connection is light green, which is rotational. Either you need to change the multi-body connection to be rotational or change the motor output to be translational.


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