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convert a py.str to a matlab string

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Xymbu il 4 Mag 2022
Risposto: Al Danial il 26 Mag 2022
I used a python function which returns a py.str format and im not sure how to convert it to a matlab string so I can use matlab functions on it.
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Stephen23 il 4 Mag 2022
ans = "hello"
Xymbu il 4 Mag 2022
This is exactly it. Do you want to put it as an answer so I can accept it as that?

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Xymbu il 24 Mag 2022

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Al Danial
Al Danial il 26 Mag 2022
For generic conversion of Python variables to MATLAB variables, try py2mat.m, and for the reverse (Python to MATLAB), mat2py.m.
These MATLAB items are supported: strings, char arrays, cell arrays, dense matrices, sparse matrices, datetimes. On the Python side: dicts, lists, sets, tuples, NumPy arrays, SciPy sparse arrays, datetimes.




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