Create tables based on matching columns by identical names

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I have two tables with four separate columns. Each column in each table has a unique variable name. However, the variable names match between position 5 and 10 for two columns (one in each table). I want to create four new tables consisting of two columns where the variable names match. So far, I have tried the following:
names5 = Table_A.Properties.VariableNames;%1
names6 = Table_B.Properties.VariableNames;%1
matchVals = {'1234', '5678','9101','1123'}; %part of the variable names that match => four new tables
numTables = numel(matchVals);
tableNames_ = cell(numTables,1);
for k = 1:numel(matchVals)
idl5 = cellfun(@(x) strcmp(x(5),matchVals{k})... %assessing position 5 to 10 for correct variable names
idl6 = cellfun(@(x) strcmp(x(5),matchVals{k})...%assessing position 5 to 10 for correct variable names
eval(['Summary',matchVals{k},' = [Table_A(:,idl5) Table_B(:,idl6)]']);
tableNames_EC2217{k} = ['Summary',matchVals{k}]; %trying to create new table
The code runs, but my columns are not matched. I.e. my out put includes the new tables but without any row values from the original tables.
Any help is appreciated.

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