Calculate kw/h with Matlab Simulink

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Titouan on 23 Jan 2015
Answered: A Jenkins on 23 Jan 2015
Hi ! I would like to calculate kw/h with matlab simulink. So I started by calculate watt : P=VI. I added voltage and current sensor, now i would like to multiply the values to get power. I unsuccessfully tried fews blocks to calculate : I get "trouble solving algebric equation" error... I tried these blocks : product, dot product, mux, ps product... but it still not working. It's one of the scheme i tried to do. So how can I calculate watt, them kw/h ? Thank's for reading !

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A Jenkins
A Jenkins on 23 Jan 2015
Though you did not show your whole circuit, it looks like your current sensor is connected incorrectly. In order to measure current, the current must pass THROUGH the sensor. Either that or your voltage sensor is connected wrong, because you must read the voltage ACROSS the load.
Also if you are trying to calculate energy, you need to write it as kw-h or kwh. kw/h is a rate of change of power and is probably not what you mean.

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