How to add tuneable Parameter to a Desktop Real Time Simulation on the example Water Tank

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i'm trying to add a tuneable Parameter to the example of the Water Tank. But if i add an constant Block with an toggle switch i've got the following issue:
Cannot change parameter 'Value' of 'sldrtex_dashboard/Constant' while simulation is running. The block was made virtual as it was optimized for simulation
Where can i add this Block to the turnable Parameters. This Tutorial did´nt help me :
Link to the Example :
Matlap Version 2022a

Answers (1)

Jan Houska
Jan Houska on 17 May 2022
Hi Lars,
the constant block must be connected to some other block where it has some effect on the result of the simulation. If you leave it unconnected or terminate it, the optimizer will eliminate it from the model.
Good Luck, Jan


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