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According to the ros2node documentation, the function supports code generation with a one node per function limitation. When I try to generate code with a ros2node.m call I get an error
'The 'ros2node' class does not support code generation.'
See the image attached. I have reduced the function to the following.
function [] = detectsteaming()
node_1 = ros2node("node_1");
Does anyone know what might be going on?
I have checked and my Matlab version is R2021a, which I think should support this but I could be wrong. Where can one find out when particular functions gained Code Generation support? Maybe the code generation support was released in an R2022 release?
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Michael on 17 May 2022
On checking my documentation for R2021a, I don't see Code Generation support for this function. I am going to install R2022a right now and see if this fixes the problem.

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Josh Chen
Josh Chen on 17 May 2022
Hello Michael,
You are right. Code generation support for 'ros2node' starts at R2021b.
You should be able to use this feature after updating to R2021b or R2022a.
Besides specific documentation page for functions, another place to look at new features is the release page:
The release page is a good place to check when certain feature starts support.
Hope this helps,
Josh Chen
Josh Chen on 19 May 2022
Awesome! Glad to see it works! Thanks for the update @Michael

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Michael on 20 May 2022
FYI for anyone in the future: A quick way to see how to use command line code generation if you are used to using the Coder App is to select 'Convert to script...' option from within the coder app. This generate a Matlab script with the correct configuration structure and arguments you defined within the app. This is a super useful tool for learning how to use the commande line code generation.




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