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Could not determine the path of the MATLAB root directory

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[user@cn ~]$ /usr/local/R2022a/toolbox/parallel/bin/checkLicensing
glibc_shim: Didn't find correct code to patch
Internal error 1: We could not determine the path of the
MATLAB root directory.
original command path = /usr/local/R2022a/bin/matlab
current command path = /usr/local/R2022a/bin/matlab
Please contact:
MathWorks Technical Support
for further assistance.
The MATLAB Parallel Server worker licensing check has failed. Check /home/user/parallelLicense.log for details.
NOTE: I checked the user directory permisions. Still the above command not creating the parallelLicense.log file

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Kshittiz Bhardwaj
Kshittiz Bhardwaj il 1 Lug 2022
Hello Hemanta,
I understand you are not able to find out the path to your MATLAB root directory.
To get the path to your MATLAB root directory you can use the following command:
>> matlabroot
It will return the path of our MATLAB root directory.
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Raymond Norris
Raymond Norris il 1 Lug 2022
It's not that Hemanta can't find the MATLAB path, it's that the utility script checkLicensing can't find the MATLAB path.

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