How can I avoid errors related to a datatip when deleting a figure?

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I have a figure that contains an axes with a plot on it. When the figure is closed, I save the plot by setting the axes parant to [] and then deleting the figure.
If a user has clicked on the line to create datatips, the when I delete the figure, I get errors in MATLAB that seem to be related to the datatip. Based on the error messages, I believe these are related to the context menu of the datatip. Is there a way to avoid getting these errors?
I have tried to set the context menu of the data tip, but it seems that property is not settable:
Warning: You cannot set 'ContextMenu' property of DataTip.
I have included a very short sample that demonstrates this:
%% Create a simple plot
f = figure;
p = uipanel(f,'Units','normalized','Position',[0 0 1 1]);
ax = axes(p);
%% Interactively create a data tip
%% Delete the figure, but not the panel
p.Parent = [];
This generates the following error:
Warning: Error executing listener callback for PostSet event on UIContextMenu dynamic property in object of class:
Undefined function 'isvalid' for input arguments of type 'double'.
Error in
Error in>@(obj,evd)hObj.showWarningOnSetUIContextMenu()
Error in
Error in>@(obj,evd)(delete(hObj))
Error in matlab.uitools.internal.uimode/createuimode>localDelete (line 137)
Error in matlab.uitools.internal.uimode/createuimode>@(obj,evd)(localDelete(hThis)) (line 18)
hThis.FigureDeleteListener = matlab.ui.internal.createListener(hFig,'ObjectBeingDestroyed',@(obj,evd)(localDelete(hThis)));
> In
In matlab.uitools.internal.uimode/createuimode>localDelete (line 137)
In matlab.uitools.internal.uimode/createuimode>@(obj,evd)(localDelete(hThis)) (line 18)

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski il 20 Mag 2022
Not sure why you're parenting to [], that doesn't make sense. Just delete the figure with your MWE works fine.
(Still probably a bug that that warning appears)
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Matt Butts
Matt Butts il 20 Mag 2022
I am unparenting the panel because I will be using it again (drawing it the first time was quite intensive). I delete the panel later based other user actions.
However, now that you asked this question, maybe just turning the visibility off would work better?

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