split data into 5 train and test data

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Hello , i'm trying to split my data that has 392 row and 9 colums into 5 train and test datas to do a cross validation on an ANFIS
since i just want to do it on my dataset i thought about creating
traindata1= the rows from 1 to 312 and testdata1 = from 312 to 392
traindata 2 = rows from .....
is there any function to do it automatically , if no how to copy a certain number of rows to a table ?

Accepted Answer

the cyclist
the cyclist on 21 May 2022
You can use the cvpartition function to do this, if you have the Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox.
If you don't have that toolbox, you might want to use randperm instead of just choosing the first rows for training, and the rest for testing, in case the order of the data in your dataset is not already random.

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