How to move or relocate the figure window and message box?

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I have 3 windows
1) Area Information
2) figure 1 with histogram information
3) Input Dialogbox
Here is the snapshot of that. My trouble is that, I couldn't able to move the 1 and 2 windows. I could able to move only window 3.
This is the code I used:
%code for Window1
message=sprintf('Minimum Area = %d \n\nMaximum Area = %d',minArea,maxArea);
h=msgbox(message, 'Area Information' );
set(h,'Position',[350 499 150 70])
% code for window2
figure('name',sprintf('Histogram Information - %s',baseFileName),'NumberTitle','off');
%code for window 3
prompt = {'Enter Minimum pixel area(default value is 2) - ',...
'Enter Maximum pixel area(default value is 100) -'};
dlg_title = 'Max/Min Pixel Area Selection';
num_lines = 1;
def = {'2','100'};
Is there any method such that I can move all the 3 windows. I means to relocate the windows on the screen using the mouse cursor.
Thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

Robert Cumming
Robert Cumming on 27 Jan 2015
The reason you can only move window 3 is because by default an inputdlg is Modal (i.e. you cant access any other GUI until that one closes.
To change that add the following to your options struct:
options.WindowStyle = 'normal';

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