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how to make the NN that I just created adaptive on Simulink, like it should adjust the weights and biases online? should I use the my precreated neural network and use the genfunction code, and add the adapt function to it? I created the NN using the nntool and exported it to Simulink, but it seems that I cannot control the weights and biases of it anymore, I am very confused I'll appreciate any help thank you

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David Willingham
David Willingham on 26 May 2022
HI Hassan,
We do have some informationon incremental learning from MATLAB here: Incremental Learning Overview. But I understand your question is related to Simulink.
For Simulink, incremental learning offers some challenges, so I have some follow up questions for you:
  • How often are you wanting to update the neural network model in Simulink?
  • How long did the original NN take to train?
  • Have your identifies any scenarios where you would trigger a retraining of the NN model?
Hassan Iskandarani
Hassan Iskandarani on 29 May 2022
Hi David,
Sorry for late reply but I am having some technical problems with my laptop.
Concerning your proposal of using reinforcement learning, I don't think that I need it, because I am required to go with certain obligations lets say, and RL is not one of them, and the reality is that I don't have enought information about it.
What I am trying to implement is just a SISO NN that takes the error of a reference (constant) compared to the actual value , and the ouput of the NN is added to a PI controller in a way the NN adapt and learn to tune the PI response.
The thing is that I havent found a way to implement this system because it requires online learning(I managed to do it with offline/batch training), but my question was about the adapt function because it seems that this is way to go with.
Anyway I thank you for your time and answers, I appreciate it a lot and if you have any thing you can help me with the adapt function(example or so) I'll be thankfull a lot.

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