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how to make the NN that I just created adaptive on Simulink, like it should adjust the weights and biases online? should I use the my precreated neural network and use the genfunction code, and add the adapt function to it? I created the NN using the nntool and exported it to Simulink, but it seems that I cannot control the weights and biases of it anymore, I am very confused I'll appreciate any help thank you

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David Willingham
David Willingham il 26 Mag 2022
HI Hassan,
We do have some informationon incremental learning from MATLAB here: Incremental Learning Overview. But I understand your question is related to Simulink.
For Simulink, incremental learning offers some challenges, so I have some follow up questions for you:
  • How often are you wanting to update the neural network model in Simulink?
  • How long did the original NN take to train?
  • Have your identifies any scenarios where you would trigger a retraining of the NN model?
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David Willingham
David Willingham il 26 Mag 2022
Hi Hassan,
I'd probably recommend using Reinforcement learning for the problem you describe. This example, Tune PI Controller using Reinforcement Learning, shows how to tune a PI controller. In RL, there is an agent that "learns" via simulation how to improve and what it learns is stored in deep learning network.
Is Reinforcement Learning something you'd consider for your application?
Hassan Iskandarani
Hassan Iskandarani il 29 Mag 2022
Hi David,
Sorry for late reply but I am having some technical problems with my laptop.
Concerning your proposal of using reinforcement learning, I don't think that I need it, because I am required to go with certain obligations lets say, and RL is not one of them, and the reality is that I don't have enought information about it.
What I am trying to implement is just a SISO NN that takes the error of a reference (constant) compared to the actual value , and the ouput of the NN is added to a PI controller in a way the NN adapt and learn to tune the PI response.
The thing is that I havent found a way to implement this system because it requires online learning(I managed to do it with offline/batch training), but my question was about the adapt function because it seems that this is way to go with.
Anyway I thank you for your time and answers, I appreciate it a lot and if you have any thing you can help me with the adapt function(example or so) I'll be thankfull a lot.

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