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field-oriented control for induction motor

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please i need help , i intented to make a field-oriented control on the induction machinbe , but the torque nor the speed cant follow the refrenced values put on the input , i dont know how to fix the problem if you can help me ill be for ever gratefull thank you
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Sam Chak
Sam Chak il 25 Mag 2022
Can you summarize the diagram with some math equations? For example, some differential equations that describe the motion of the induction motor. Without a mathematical model, you will have to rely on the inexplicable A.I or auto-tuning algorithm to do the job for you, and you have to trust the results and hope that they are reliable in ALL CASES.
ayoub reffai
ayoub reffai il 31 Mag 2022
how can i do that , i tried to put equations but where to put them and how to proceed , thanks for the previous answer

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Sam Chak
Sam Chak il 31 Mag 2022
Don't give up!
If you can extract the mathematical model (differential equations / state-space model) from the Simulink file, then it helps you to gain an insight into the control design problem. If the motor has a single Operating Point, then you can look into the linearize() function to obtain a linearized model at that point. There are miscellaneous examples here:
Otherwise, it can be time-consuming to manually tune the motor controller because you don't know where you are heading to.

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