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App Designer: Unintended creation of the same Label in my project. After deletion, the same Label grow in number the next time my mlapp file is opened.

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I am creating a GUI in App Designer and have been using Labels and other controls. I created a Label with name "Manning's n" on the canvas. After saving my mlapp file, the same Label grew in number on my canvas the next time the file was opened. The Label(s) keep coming back despite the fact that it was already deleted (with many of its duplicates) the previous time the file was opened and then saved.

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Dhanesh Alagarsamy Chinnaraja
The issue of duplicating MATLAB App Designer components could happen due to reparenting components. Refer to this EBR for more details:
Howere it had been identified as a bug and fixed in R2019b.
Try upgrading to R2019b or later version of MATLAB to avoid this issue.
If the issue persists, Contact support and share your app with them.

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Carlos Carriaga
Carlos Carriaga il 3 Giu 2022
Modificato: Carlos Carriaga il 3 Giu 2022
I am using MATLAB R2020b. The bug is obviously not YET fixed (since you said that the bug shld have been fixed in Version R2019b) . The occurence of this issue / bug could have been the reuse of the Label / Edit Fields components during the process of designing my GUI using App Designer. This practice of re-using / copying components / controls is normal for me when using other programming platforms (C# and VB in Visual Studio). I tried deleting the replicated Label components in my *.mlapp file but they reappear and larger in number the next time I opened my app. I requested a friend who uses R2021b to open my app and resolve the bug by deleting the unintended components but with no success.


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