how to split the dataset into four different variables

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uma il 2 Giu 2022
Commentato: dpb il 2 Giu 2022
As we can see from the below code we have divided the data into four my question is how to divide the data into four variables having first dimension same like idxTrain and traindata should have first dimension same and idxtest and test data should have first dimension same.
Thank you.
cv = cvpartition(2310, 'KFold', 10);
idxTrain = training(cv, 1);
idxTest = test(cv, 1);
traindata = data(idxTrain, :);
testdata = data(idxTest, :);
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dpb il 2 Giu 2022
I don't understand the questioni??? Please explain precisely what you mean/want. Reason behind the question might help to add some context.

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