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how to read specifiied values from xls file?

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hello all... I want to read lumi and green values from xls file and I used this code...
fid=fopen('newFile11.xls', 'w');
fprintf(fid,'\n%d\t%d\t%d\t%0.3f\t%0.3f\t%0.3f\t%0.3f\t%0.3f\t%0.3f\t%0.3f\t%0.3f\t%0.3f\t%0.3f\t\n', area(i),Length,width,Perimet(i),AspectRat,FormFact(i),Entropy,stats1.Contrast,stats1.Energy,stats1.Homogeneity,stats1.Correlation,green,lumi );
%save('leaffff.mat', 'leafname');
% ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
%Load the sample data
datapresent = xlsread('newFile11.xls');
%grn = datapresent(1,12);
%lum = datapresent(1,13);
but it is giving.....
File C:\Users\use\Documents\MATLAB\lrc\newFile11.xls not in Microsoft Excel Format. error so how can I do tis.....thank you in advance

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Hikaru il 30 Gen 2015
This happens when you use fprintf to save a file in .xls extension.
To solve this, use xlswrite to write the data into Excel and then use xlsread to read it.
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ajay Hiremath
ajay Hiremath il 30 Gen 2015
sir I m doing the same thing as you said but m getting this error.... ???error: CAT arguments dimensions are not consistent
the code im using for this is....
filename = 'testdata.xlsx';
A = {'Area','Length','width','perimet','Aspectrat','Form_fact',
'Entropy','Contrast','Energy','homogen','Green','Lumin'; area(i);
Length; width; Perimet(i); AspectRat; FormFact(i); Entropy;
stats1.Contrast; stats1.Energy; stats1.Homogeneity; stats1.Correlation;
green; lumi};
sheet = 1;

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