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How do I convert a 2d matrix to a 3d matrix?

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Mirza Etnisa
Mirza Etnisa il 6 Giu 2022
Risposto: Geoff Hayes il 6 Giu 2022
I have 5 matrix 2D.
However, how do I convert 5 2D matrices to 3D?
which generates a matrix to 24x24x5

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes il 6 Giu 2022
@Mirza Etnisa - consider using cat to concatente your matrices along the third dimension:
result = cat(3, Ekc1, Ekc2, Ekc3, Ekc4, Ekc5);
Alternatively, rather then generating five equally sized matrices/variables,you could just insert them into a 24x24x5 array as each one is constructed...and then you would do away with these extra variables.


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