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Transforming 100x4 Char Array to 1x400 Char Array

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I have a char array with the dimensions of 100x4 and because it contains blank elements, in other words 4 charactered space ' ', I want to merge these elements and delete these 4 charactered blank elements. How can I do it? Thank you.
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Rik il 7 Giu 2022
If you want to remove elements, this will change the number of elements, so any column vector will not have 400 elements.
It sounds like you should be using a cellstr (a cell array with char vectors) or the string data type.
tinkyminky93 il 7 Giu 2022
Modificato: tinkyminky93 il 7 Giu 2022
That is what I want sir, i will remove them because it does not contains any information.

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KSSV il 7 Giu 2022
You have varities of functions to achieve this.
str = str(find(~isspace(str))) ; % where str is your string
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Rik il 7 Giu 2022
I don't understand your source data. With a 2x6 char array as an input, you don't get the cell array output with the code KSSV posted. So I can't post the full processing.
Regarding the merging:
str = 2×1 cell array
{'0E'} {'F9'}
ans = '0EF9'
KSSV il 7 Giu 2022
@tinkyminky93 why don't you attch your data, so that we can have a look and help you.

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