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Compute performance measures from neural network

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How to compute
Coefficient of Determination - R^2
Root Mean Squared Error - RMSE
Mean Absolute Percentage Error - MAPE
net = train(net,X,T);
Y = net(X);

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KSSV il 8 Giu 2022
Modificato: KSSV il 8 Giu 2022
net = train(net,X,T);
Yp = net(X); % predicted from Net and Let Yt be your true value
R = regression(Yp,Yt) ; % Regression
RMSE = sqrt(mean((Yt - Yp).^2)); % RMSE
pre_MAPE = abs((yp-Yt)./Yt);
MAPE = mean(pre_MAPE);
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KSSV il 9 Giu 2022
Off course, yes. Why you got such a doubt?
Yesterday what I gave is a regression (R). For R square: refer:
Elysi Cochin
Elysi Cochin il 9 Giu 2022
I saw coefficient of correlation and coefficient of determination, so got a doubt, which the regression function computes. Thank you Sir for clearing

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