I wonder what is difference between SISO and MIMO.

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Hi, now i am studying about control theory.
I wonder SISO and MIMO.
The robot arm, for example, which is 6DOF, is controlled by one controller(e.g. arduino, atmega128, DSP).
Then in this case is the robot arm SISO?
Thank you.

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Sam Chak
Sam Chak on 18 Jun 2022
SISO is the acronym for Single-Input and Single-Output.
MIMO is the acronym for Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output.
The number of inputs in this context does not does not depend on the number of microcontrollers that you are using.
If you use a single microcontroller to send 6 (more than 1) control input signals to manipulate the robotic arm to achieve 6 DoF (3 positional {X, Y, Z}, and 3 rotational {ϕ, θ, ψ}), then it is a MIMO system.

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