how to fill a new vector after a if condition?

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Hi everyone! I have two vectors new_vrx and new_vry (each one has size 2x941) where:
I would like to create new vectors: x_edges (size 2 x n) and y_edges (size 2 x n) mantaining only those coordinate points (new_vrx, new_vry) that belong to more than one segment.

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Johan il 20 Giu 2022
I would convert your segment coordinates to points, this way points that are not unique would show that the segment is not an end point.
x = [1,2,2,2,1;2,3,2,1,1];
y = [1,1,1,2,2;1,1,2,2,1];
axis equal
%converts to points with x,y coordinates
points = [x(1,:),x(2,:);y(1,:),y(2,:)];
%initialize test array
repeat_arr = zeros(size(points,2),size(points,2));
for i_points = 1:size(points,2)
%find if a point is repeated excluding itself
repeat_arr(i_points,[1:i_points-1,i_points+1:end]) = all(points(:,i_points)==points(:,[1:i_points-1,i_points+1:end]),1) ;
% now we know for each points if it is repeated
temp = any(repeat_arr,1);
%Reverse the segment to point process so we can mask any segment that does not have a repeated point
edge_mask = all([temp(1:end/2); temp(end/2+1:end)]);
%Create X Y array of segment using out mask
x_edges = x(:,edge_mask);
y_edges = y(:,edge_mask);
axis equal
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Johan il 28 Giu 2022
Have you tried running the pruning loop with segments that are in your limiting box ?
x_temp = new_vrx(in);
y_temp = new_vry(in);
Johan il 28 Giu 2022
As you suggest the issue comes from segment that are both in and out of the box.
Doing this seems to work with your data:
x_temp = new_vrx(:,all(in));
y_temp = new_vry(:,all(in));
It's essentially the same thing that you did but in array format. If think your code didn't work because you checked on all values of in instead of the k value:
for k = 1:length(new_vrx)
if all(in(:,k)) %initial and final point of the same segment are inside the rectangle, so they could be eventually pruned
new_new_vrx = [new_new_vrx, new_vrx(k,:)];
new_new_vry = [new_new_vry, new_vry(k,:)];

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