How do you create callback inside the callback?

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SooYoung Oh
SooYoung Oh il 22 Giu 2022
Risposto: Geoff Hayes il 23 Giu 2022
Hi, I'm working on a project with Matlab AppDesigner.
This is practically what i want to do.
  1. Write Azimuth, Elevation values.
  2. Press 'Run' button to do stuff(not very important).
  3. Then, I create another button 'up' or 'down', so when i press the button, it increases or decreases the written azimuth and elevation value by 5.
  4. Press 'Run' button to do stuff with changed values.
From what i know, so far, to do this, I need to create callback for Run button and also create callback for Up button. can i make this happen?

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes il 23 Giu 2022
@SooYoung Oh - highlight the button (from within App Designer) and right-click to select Callback -> Add ButtonPushed callback (or something similar). See callbacks in App Designer for details.


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