Python package is getting exception when initializating.

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Michael Forbes
Michael Forbes on 25 Jun 2022
Edited: Somnath Kale on 25 Jun 2022
I have a Python package that was compiled for me (from Matlab 2021a). I have run the installer and installed according to the instructions. When I attempt to initialize with PerformancePrediction.initialize() - where PerformancePrediction is the name of my package - I am getting the error:
Exception caught during initialization of Python interface. Details: Could not find the directory C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2021a\toolbox\compiler_sdk\pysdk_py
Why is this happening, and what have I missed in installing the package?
I do have 2021a installed on my machine but I am not licensed for the compiler_sdk, so I am not sure why the package would be searching for that directory. Is this something that is resulting from selections made by the person who compiled the package?
Thanks for any suggestions.
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Somnath Kale
Somnath Kale on 25 Jun 2022
Try by reinstlling the entire software. If possible remove the delet the root files of earlier installed version!

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