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how to make two other points to make a plane?

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Sierra on 25 Jun 2022
Closed: Matt J on 25 Jun 2022
I'm trying to use function now.
% n: normal vector of the Plane
% V0: any point that belong s to the Plane
% P0: end point 1 of the segment P0P1
% P1: end point 2 of the segment P0P1
To get the normal vector, I need 3 points on the plane.
but I have only one point(4,5,7), so I made two arbitrary points. but it seems to have trouble in z value.
it only returns x and y value. all z value is zero
Here is my code.
intersection_point = [];
for i = 1:length(mean_trajectory_double)
O = [mean_trajectory_double(i,1),mean_trajectory_double(i,2),mean_trajectory_double(i,3)];
P = [mean_trajectory_double(i,1)+1,mean_trajectory_double(i,2)+1,mean_trajectory_double(i,3)-1000];
Q = [mean_trajectory_double(i,1)+2,mean_trajectory_double(i,2)+2,mean_trajectory_double(i,3)+1000];
OP = Q-O;
OQ = P-O;
normalvector = cross(OP,OQ);
for j = 1:length(RKSI_Arr_33R)
for k = 1:length(RKSI_Arr_33R(j).Latitude)-1
[I,check]=plane_line_intersect([normalvector(1) normalvector(2) normalvector(3)]...
,[mean_trajectory_double(i,1) mean_trajectory_double(i,2) mean_trajectory_double(i,3)]...
,[RKSI_Arr_33R(j).Longitude(k) RKSI_Arr_33R(j).Latitude(k) RKSI_Arr_33R(j).BAlt(k)]...
,[RKSI_Arr_33R(j).Longitude(k+1) RKSI_Arr_33R(j).Latitude(k+1) RKSI_Arr_33R(j).BAlt(k+1)]);
intersection_point = [intersection_point;I];
O is the point I know already and P, Q is what i made.
mean_trajectory_double(i,1) is longitude
mean_trajectory_double(i,2) is latitude
mean_trajectory_double(i,3) is altitude
I changed the P and Q's altitude several time, but it always returend zero.

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