Contour plot over a specified region

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Claus E. Jebens
Claus E. Jebens on 28 Jun 2022
Commented: Claus E. Jebens on 28 Jun 2022
Hi, I want to do a contour plot over a speciefied region, for example a triangle or a 4-node element. These 4 node locations do NOT form a rectangle.

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Karim on 28 Jun 2022
Using the patch command u can plot as many triangular or rectangular shapes at the same time.
Just build the grid (i.e. the 'vertices') and the a conectivity matrix (i.e. 'faces') to connect selected points from the grid.
% create a random grid
MyGrid = [-3.01 -2.82; % node 1
1.33 -1.31; % node 2
0.70 1.79; % node 3
-2.46 2.46]; % node4
patch('Faces', [1 2 3 4], 'Vertices', MyGrid,'FaceColor','none')
grid on
patch('Faces', [1 2 4], 'Vertices', MyGrid,'FaceColor','none')
grid on
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Claus E. Jebens
Claus E. Jebens on 28 Jun 2022
Thanks, however my question is how to do a countour plot over an arbitraray region defined by 3, 4 .. nodes. In particular I want to plot the shape function n(x,y) of the triange, quad over the element area. Data, like n(x,y) , sigma(x,y), temperature (x,y) ... are defined only whithin the element area.

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