Use text strings in a cell array in a 'for loop' and also use that text string to name the output

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I have a list of 9 site names in a column array "sitearray". Those same 9 names appear in a data structure with subfolders, e.g. 9 matrices indexed by 'Data."sitename".matrix'. I would like to perform the same operation on each of the 9 matrices in a for loop e.g. extract the first value of the matrix, and save the output retaining each sitename. I cannot figure out how to link the text of the sitename to the counter variable in the code.
%(Below doesn't work)
for i=1:length(sitearray)
Output_sitearray(i) = Data.sitename(i).matrix(:,[1]);

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Accepted Answer

Keshav on 30 Jun 2022
you can use the below code.
for i=1:length(sitearray)
Output_sitearray(i) = Data.(sitename(i)).matrix(:,[1]);
Matt Weber
Matt Weber on 1 Jul 2022
I will try that. Thanks. Keshav, thanks for taking the time to write code specific to the example that stores in a struct, that might work for me.

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