Is it possible to transfer a variable with values from my workspace into a excel spreadsheet automatically in my Matlab code?

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I am new to matlab so my knowledge is very limited and was curious to see if it is possible to automatically send different variables to a specific spot in excel when you run the code? The numbers I am getting in my Variable come from a processed image, so each run will have different numbers.
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Stephen23 on 1 Jul 2022
"...automatically send different variables to a specific spot in excel..."
Excel is an application, so perhaps you really mean that you want to write to some kind of Excel file, e.g. .XLSX. For that you could use WRITETABLE, WRITECELL, WRITEARRAY, etc., all of which let you specify the sheet and range you want to export data to.

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Keshav on 2 Jul 2022
As Stephen said you can follow this documentation to write data in excel file.

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